Adding 3rd-Party cleaners to Bleachbit

I used to do a lot of work on Bleachbit, a Free (As in freedom) software disk cleaning tool developed by Andrew Ziem, made famous by the Clinton administration. I first started off with fixing a bug in the Seamonkey cleaner and went on from there. 27 of the grand total amount of cleaners in both the pending and release folders were written by myself (I wrote the cleaner for Steam) and I tweaked a few along the way like the Midori cleaner. I’m going to give you a crash course on how to add third party cleaners to your Bleachbit setup for use. This will be a bit of a complicated post so bear with me here.

Getting a third-party cleaner from Github:

Getting your cleaner from Github is not only the best option, but the safest as the cleaners have, for the most part, been viewed and tried out by others. The cleaners are separated into two categories:

  • Pending: The cleaners are or nearly are operational but have not been thoroughly tested and are not recommended for a production environment.
  • Release: Cleaners in this directory have been tested by the repository admins and are safe for personal and professional use and are waiting to (hopefully) be included in the mainstream Bleachbit releases.

How to add from Github:

  1. Go to the Bleachbit cleanerml repository
  2. When you’re at the cleaner that you want to try, click on the name of it. This will take you to where you can actually see the code.
  3. Click on the button labeled “raw” on your cleaner in the top right of the window that the code is in.
  4. Copy and paste the code into a text document editor (Nano, VIM, Emacs, Gedit, etc.)
  5. Save it as [insertcleanernamehere].xml

Next, we have to figure out where your Personal Cleaner Directory is.

Open up Bleachbit:

Screenshot from 2017-05-18 09-49-59
Bleachbit Main Window

Next, click on Help>System Information and a small window will pop up. Look for the line that says:


I’m not posting a screenshot of this for security purposes. The path associated with that variable is where we will move/save the cleaner to. Move or save your desired cleaner to that directory. If that path comes to a dead end and there is no directory labeled “cleaners” in there, simply make the “cleaners” directory (Make a new folder).

Restart Bleachbit and your cleaner should appear in the options list on the left!

Thanks for reading!

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