Free Software

See my about page about how I got into the Free Software movement.


I currently use an ASUS X550E laptop. It has an AMD quad-core with 6GB of RAM and I installed a 275GB SSD in it.

Frankly, I think ASUS is terrible. Every single device that I have used that is by ASUS has broken down in some way and I am not impressed with them.


What I use:

My primary OS is Linux Mint. Eventually I will switch to a Libreboot X220 running Trisquel.

Web browser: Waterfox. I use the following add-ons:

Email client: Thunderbird

Office suite: LibreOffice

Instant Messaging: Gajim

Photo Editing: Gimp

Programming: GNU Emacs

IRC: ERC in Emacs

Media Player: VLC


Since 2011, I have used for email. I have no complaints about them and haven’t since.

My primary search engine when I am home is Searx. I run my own local instance of it. When I’m out and about, I use DuckDuckGo.

In terms of social media, I prefer diaspora*. I also use Libertree and GNU Social but not often. I use Twitter and Instagram. I refuse to use Facebook ever again and advise you, too, leave it.

For chatting, I use XMPP.

Software Contributions:

Besides my own work, I have contributed to Bleachbit the most. Yes, that tool that Hilary Clinton’s crew used. I wrote many cleaners and added a lot of beneficial features to the software such as the warning prompts when selecting to clear web browser or email client passwords.

I have also contributed to diaspora*’s satire English languages such as Valley Girl (Which I started), Pirate, and 1337 speak.

My own software:

These have not been hacked on for years.

I’m really lazy when it comes hacking up a program and typically use some brain-dead programming or scripting language to get the job done so that I don’t spiral off into tangents and forget why I was writing the software in the first place.