See my About page for my background and story of jumping into Veganism!

Favorite Food and Brands

I often find myself relying on certain brands to be able to distinguish Vegan food from non-Vegan food. Some of my favorite Vegan food brands are Tofurky, Upton’s Naturals, daiya, Silk, and So Delicious!.

In terms of feats (fake+meat), I am in love with seitan. I also love tofu if it’s cooked a certain way. I haven’t had a good experience yet with Tempeh however.

In terms of milk alternatives, my #1 is any of Silk’s almond milks. Almond milk is love, almond milk is life…

Wegmans (no product placement intended) in Corning has a product for every one of these brands in their “Nature’s Marketplace” section.

In terms of restaurants, I try to not eat out often and my wife loves this fact. Heh, double entendres. After all, I major in Nutrition and eating at a restaurant is not good to do often as you don’t have full control over the food you’re getting served. Unless you’re some weirdo that watches the cook every step of preparing your meal. Then you should probably some someone about that, friend.

If you’re ever in Corning, I recommend The Source on Market Street. Their menu is mostly Vegan and you can easily make anything that is not Vegan into a Vegan meal.

If you’re into Chinese food, I love Corning Class. Their seasame tofu and veggie dumplings are delicious!


My hygiene mainly centers around Desert Essence and Tom’s of Maine. However, I use Every Man Jack’s cedar stick deodorant. I use to use Tom’s of Maine and Alba Botanica’s deodorant but they have too many scents that have a feminine vibe to me like lavender and fresh linen. I didn’t mind those at first but after awhile they started to get to me.

Dental hygiene:

  • Tom’s of Maine non-fluoridated peppermint toothpaste
  • Tom’s of Maine mouthwash

Shower soaps:

  • Desert Essence shampoo and conditioner -insert Billy Madison reference here-
  • Alba Botanica body wash (Any of them really)
  • Alba Botanica astringent and face peel


  • Every Man Jack


I refuse to wear and do not accept any clothing derived from animals. I didn’t even like it for practical reasons when I wasn’t a Vegan (materials felt weird on my skin). I always choose cotton when clothing shopping and when I do go clothing shopping, I’m typically shopping thrift which unfortunately doesn’t make wearing Vegan clothing any easier. After discovering and learning a bit of background on Fair Trade products though, I am slowly integrating Fair Trade clothing made from either organic cotton or hemp into my wardrobe.